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  • The highest quality beans roasted to perfection and supplied at a great price!
  • Enjoy our specialty coffees from our Geelong and Belmont stores!
  • What started as very humble beginnings has grown to a very large distribution.
  • Start your day right by stopping in for a coffee on the way to work.
  • Our house blend we use at both of our stores is a full, rich and creamy all rounder coffee.

CAPRA's Origin..

(Meaning of: CAPRA- Capra is a genus of mammals, the goats, composed of up to nine species, including the wild goat, the markhor, and several species known as ibex.)



The story goes that the first ever recorded consumption of coffee came when an Ethiopian goat-herd were noticed "dancing"around after eating the red berries off a coffee bush. It is said the shepherd reported his findings to the local monastery who found that the coffee kept him alert for long periods of time. They coined the dance the "Capra dance" and the rest is history.




Where we began..


We bought our first little bench top roaster after seeing one in action in Queensland in 2007 and started roasting coffee to supply our own cafe in Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula.


Our customers liked what we made and pretty soon we were roasting more coffee for customers to take home for their own machines than we were selling as cups of coffee through the cafe.


By July 2009 we had sold our cafe and purchased a much larger roaster to keep up supply to our ever expanding customer base. We found a rustic old building in Fyans St Geelong and Capra Coffee was soon up and running.


Years on and Capra Coffee Coffee has continued to grow. What started as very humble beginnings has grown to a very large distribution across Geelong and the Surf Coast.


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Deb and Steve


Owners / Roasters/ Coffee Lovers