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  • The highest quality beans roasted to perfection and supplied at a great price!
  • Enjoy our specialty coffees from our Geelong and Belmont stores!
  • What started as very humble beginnings has grown to a very large distribution.
  • Start your day right by stopping in for a coffee on the way to work.
  • Our house blend we use at both of our stores is a full, rich and creamy all rounder coffee.

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Malt (House Blend)
$14.00 – $34.00
A full, rich creamy all rounder coffee. Perfect starting point and works well through automatic home machines. High in caffeine with dominate malt and chocolate undertones. Great as white or black coffee.
Bellarine (Blend)
$14.00 – $36.00
A very popular mid roast that's easy as an everyday smooth mellow coffee. Perfect for latte and cappuccino drinkers.
$14.00 – $36.00
No. 1 best seller as a single origin from Nicaragua. A medium to dark roast that has become one of Capra's most sought after coffees. Nationally awarded for its big bodied, bold chocolate flavours. All the B's in an A class coffee.
Mexican Reserve 500gm
Great after taste, bold flavours, smooth finish. Rich and strong coffee tones. Well worth a try!
Brazil Peaberry (Brazil) 500gm
A pea-berry, a high quality bean. Rich, strong, perfect for long black or espresso coffee drinkers. Sweet aftertaste.
Columbia 500gm
Rich in flavour with a full body. Clean and balanced acidity and a dark cocoa finish. Strong coffee, great aftertaste.
Tiger Mountain (India) 500gm
Sweet and smooth with soft acidity, medium body and a chocolate hazelnut finish.
Sidamo (Ethiopia) 500gm
Valued for its deep, spicy and sometimes chocolate tones, this coffee will be appreciated for the home connoisseur. For the true coffee snobs!
Monsoon (India) 500gm
A bean exposed to the monsoon rains for up to four months, makes these beans exhibit dry and musty spice flavours. A coffee to be taken seriously!
Panama Casa Ruiz 500gm
Beautiful coffee, rich and smooth, creamy with milk. also great as a black coffee.
Tarrazu (Costa Rica) 500gm
Delicious coffee, must try. Flavours consist of mixed berries, grape acidity, balanced medium body with a clean sweet finish. Great as a milk coffee!